This is the think-outside-the-box product; the creative paint! Expression is perfect for layering and combining our different products to achieve unique results. Get creative: paint lampshades, trays, mason jars and anything your heart desires!

Ensure the surface is free from oil or wax contaminants by using Cottage Paint Clean and Prep Rinse and allow to dry thoroughly. Make sure the surface is free of nicks and bumps by scuffing the surface with very fine sanding pad 280-400 grit. Apply with a 10mm Micro-fiber roller and a soft tipped poly-nylon flat brush. It is best to roll the paint on larger surfaces then flatten with a brush as it will apply a more even coat. Apply enough paint so that it is able to flow out to a smooth finish. Do not over brush. First fill a roller with paint and roll 1-2 widths of the roller from one end to the other. Then pass over the surface with the soft brush tips by pulling in one motion from one end to the other. This will help to eliminate brush marks on a larger surface. No top coat is required but if high use is expected an additional clear varnish can be put on top. This maybe the case on a kitchen table top. Can be applied to furniture, trim doors and walls. It can also be used as an outdoor coating.